A step-by-step guide on how to measure your bed for fitted sheets

After a long and tiring day everyone wants to relax in bed, reading a book or enjoying a restful sleep. Small details can significantly contribute to sleep quality. What should we keep in mind when buying bed sheets?

One of the most important and underestimated things when buying bed sheets is making sure they are in the correct size and thus avoid disappointment and frustration.

Bed linen became widely available in different sizes in the 1950s as highlighted by BedTimes magazine. This was the time when the bedding industry introduced bigger mattresses which, of course, required bigger bed sheets. What is more, the mattresses’ depth has also become bigger. The standard and most popular depth is approximately 17 cm but there are ones going up to a meter.

Forcing a wrong sized bed sheet on your mattress might cause the pocket seams to strain and tear. If the bed sheets are too big this will cause them to tangle and look messy and if they are too small they will not stay properly and slip around the mattress. Measure your mattress ahead of time with our quick guide in 6 easy steps:

  • Remove all of your blankets and linens; Leave only mattress toppers if you are going to use them and include them in the measurements.
  • Use a ruler to measure the depth from top to bottom. Do this in several places to be sure.
  • Measure the length of your mattress starting from the back to front. If your mattress is curved outward at the edges, mesure from the furthest point.
  • Measure the width of your mattress from left to right. Make sure you are measuring from the widest point on each side of the mattress if your mattress is curved outward.
  • Write down the measurements and keep them.
  • You can also check the mattress’ label with the measurements set from the manufacturer and compare with your notes.

The size of fitted bed sheets available to order from Double Jersey are: