5 reasons we're the sleep experts

For more than 30 years Double Jersey has been a pioneer in bedlinen. Our main product is the original Double Jersey fitted sheet. With this high quality knit fabric we revolutionised the bedding industry.

  • We believe in the finest foundations

Quality lies at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve scoured the globe to ethically source our natural duvets and pillows, and worked hard to create luxurious hypo-allergenic alternatives to make your bed as cosy as possible.

  • We offer bed linen to suit every style

Premium bedding has the power to transform the quality of our sleep, which is vital for our wellbeing. Whether you prefer sheets to feel cool and crisp, smooth and silky, or cosy and soft, we’ve got a wide choice of unique designs you’ll love.

  • We know the importance of a stylish sleep

Changing into beautiful nightwear is an important part of switching off for the night. Super-soft, breathable fabrications and timeless styles are designed to give you the most comfortable of slumbers.

  • We’ve perfected your wind-down routine

Our sleep fragrance has been crafted to ensure a tranquil night, thanks to its peace-inducing ingredients. Combining calming lavender, chamomile and clary sage, the collection will help you leave the day behind.

  • We care about little ones, too

We’re just as passionate about crafting high-quality nightwear for children and babies as we are for you. Our pure-cotton sleeping bags, pyjamas and bed linen are super soft against their skin, so you can all sleep easy.